Security for the future

Charity of the Year

As with many charities, we rely on donations and support from our local community and corporate partners to provide excellent service to our students and volunteers.

An extremely easy way of supporting our social enterprise is to nominate us as your ‘Charity of the Year‘. As a result, any funds raised during that year at events or excursions will benefit our users at The Bridge. The events can include raffles, quiz nights, social events and more to generate financial support that impacts our future security.

We are incredibly grateful for the nominations we have received in the past, as the funds make a huge difference to the lives of our service users. It allows us to purchase new equipment that makes life simpler or enables our team to take the students on an exciting day trip.

Charity of the Year | The Bridge students smile for camera.

The support has a very tangible impact on the charity, which in turn, positively affects the community in which we sit.

Please contact our team if you would like to nominate The Bridge as your Charity of the Year. We will happily supply you with our logo and other details for your external comms.

Our team can also attend workshops or corporate group days to present the charity to your employees and provide further insight into our mission, motivations and successes.