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We value collaboration, encourage communication, and promote creativity. Our team supports us in achieving our vision.

Meet the team at The Bridge, dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive environment
for our students, the community, and volunteers to achieve their potential.

Dave Jackson | Meet The Team | The Bridge Project

Dave Jackson

Hi, my name is Dave Jackson, and I’m the Chief Executive Officer at The Bridge.

I have a background in working with challenging young people and those who have had a difficult start in life. After running my own business in Somerset and working with the NHS, County Sports partnership and the YMCA, respectively, I moved to Suffolk and joined The Bridge. 

This opportunity appealed to me because this enterprise works hard to bring often marginalised groups into the community as visible and valued members. It is a hugely rewarding job, and I’m looking forward to seeing the exciting upcoming projects come to fruition.

Alli Burke

Hello, my name is Alli Burke and I’m the Head of Creative Services here at The Bridge.

I have worked in senior operational management roles for twenty years. Most recently, I worked for The Churches Conservation Trust to develop Sudbury Arts Centre as part of a major £2.5M project to repair and regenerate the former church of St Peter’s. Sudbury Arts Centre is now under the local management of The Bridge as a social enterprise.

I’m proud to be leading the ongoing development of the Arts Centre, which offers a unique opportunity to place our service users in the heart of the community. I’m passionate about change-making for social good and driving the enterprise opportunities for The Bridge at Sudbury Arts Centre, and Create, our art retail space in Sudbury town centre. I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a Clore Social Leadership alumni.

Hannah Seymour | Meet The Team | The Bridge Project

Hannah Seymour

Hello, I am Hannah Seymour, I am the Head of Development at The Bridge. 

My professional journey began with the local authority working within children and young people services. I managed various teams including children centre’s and family support services, and leading the visiting health and school nursing teams. In 2016, I transitioned into the charity sector, where my focus shifted towards managing teams dedicated to supporting adults with learning disabilities, autism, and those facing loneliness and isolation.

A firm advocate for the power of collaboration, I believe in fostering partnerships to uplift the local community. At The Bridge, we are committed to integrating the individuals we serve into their local community, placing them at the core of everything we do. I am thrilled to be part of the journey, contributing to the development of our services that empower individuals to achieve, connect, and grow. 

Zoe Richardson | Meet The Team | The Bridge Project

Zoe Richardson

Hello, I’m Zoe Richardson and I am the Head of Operations at The Bridge.

I have a background working in the charity sector, providing social care support to adults with learning disabilities and autism, and helping them to live life well. I bring my skills and experience to develop The Bridge’s residential offering and our student services. I’m looking forward to supporting the vision of the CEO, which positions the Bridge as one of the leading organisations in the sector regionally and will ensure that we deliver the best possible provision for our service users.

Carol Jones | Meet The Team | The Bridge Project

Carol Jones

Hi, I’m Carol Jones and I’m the Office Manager for The Bridge.

My professional background is working in a broad range of commercial and corporate organisations, providing me with a varied skillset and experience, which I will utilise to support The Bridge as it grows. My introduction to the charity was as an attendee at The Bridge’s lifeline ‘DeCafe‘ Dementia Cafe with my husband who is living with dementia. I have extensive experience handling the needs of people living with dementia and their carers, and I am proud to be managing and developing our DeCafe offering part of my role.

Harry Freeman | Meet The Team | The Bridge Project

Harry Freeman

Hi, I am Harry, the Volunteering Manager at The Bridge.

My association with The Bridge began as a student placement during my time in school, where I developed a deep appreciation for The Bridge’s impact on our community. I later joined as an apprentice and underwent training as a tutor, collaborating with other tutors to design sessions covering independent living, first aid, and body awareness.

Working at The Bridge has provided me with some brilliant training opportunities, including becoming one of our safeguarding leads and pursuing teaching and education qualifications. This journey has empowered me to assume the role of Volunteering Manager, overseeing the development and management of our volunteering and work experience programme. We are committed to mentoring and supporting our volunteers, facilitating the achievement of their goals.

Paige Carter | Meet The Team | The Bridge Project

Paige Carter

Hiya, I’m Paige and I am the Lead Tutor of our Student Services here at The Bridge. 

I began working with The Bridge as a Tutor back in 2020 during the pandemic, and instantly felt at home. I’ve worked as a fishmonger and a baker, but coming to The Bridge I found my calling. I’m extremely passionate about our students, their health, wellbeing, progression, and helping them to live as independently as possible. My work and lessons are always student-centred, with their needs and decisions at the forefront of everything I do. I love to teach, inspire, create, and have fun! 

I deliver a range of lessons and subjects including arts and crafts, drama, reading comprehension, story time, and The Bridge Newsletter, as well as supporting our Tutor team to always be providing the excellent sessions and support our students expect from The Bridge.