A sense of family, home and belonging


Our dementia cafe, DeCafe, provides those suffering from dementia or someone who cares for them with an opportunity to share their experiences with others and find a network to lean on and learn from.

Dementia Cafe Support Group

Our free dementia cafe support group is a very inclusive and inviting space for everyone to enjoy. The aim is to provide some escapism from the reality of life and enjoy carefree moments together. Our staff are well trained and experienced and can be attentive to your specific needs. Ultimately, we want you to have fun, play games and enjoy some sweet treats.

Although there is no cure for dementia, we can slow the progression with mentally stimulating activities supporting good brain function. Each week at DeCafe, we host musical bingo, puzzle sessions, arts & crafts, and create some amazing things. 

Our cafe runs every Monday from 11am Р1pm at Sudbury Arts Centre, in the Borehamgate Precinct. Please contact our team before you attend so we can ensure we are well-prepared.